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DENTI-FOAM #10037-GR 1.23% APF Grape (MEDICOM)
DENTI-FOAM #10037-M 1.23% APF Mint (MEDICOM)
DENTI-FOAM #10037-O 1.23% APF Orange (MEDICOM)
DENTI-FOAM #10037-ST 1.23% APF Strawberry (MEDICOM)

Fast and highly effective fluoride treatment which reduces treatment time and increases efficiency by delivering 12,300 ppm in 60 seconds. The stable, airy foam spreads easily, delivers excellent coverage and remains in the tray to reduce mess along with the risk of gagging and ingestion.

60-second express foam application for saving time and money. Low pH and 12,300 ppm fluoride content for effective and rapid results.
Inhibit caries formation by reducing enamel solubility and enhancing remineralisation.
Unique bottle designed to maximize the use of the entire content — for up to 130 applications.

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#10037-BG Bubble-Gum, #10037-GR Grape, #10037-M Mint, #10037-O Orange, #10037-ST Strawberry