ECOSITE Bulk Fill 16x.25gm Safetip (DMG)


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ECOSITE Bulk Fill 16x.25gm Safetip ‘LIGHT’ (DMG) #20755
ECOSITE Bulk Fill 16x.25gm Safetip ‘UNIVERSAL’ (DMG) #20756
ECOSITE Bulk Fill 16x.25gm Safetip ‘CONTRAST’ (DMG) #20757

Ecosite Bulk Fill

Where Speed and Beauty Become One.

• Fill up to 5mm – no capping layer needed
• One quick 20-second light cure
• Excellent adaptation, packability, and handling
• High polishability for superior esthetics
• Low shrinkage stress
• Does not stick to instruments
• Releases fluoride
• Functional and practical shade system

Introducing the Next Generation Bulk Fill

Designed to deliver superior esthetics and perfect adaptation with one quick 20-second light cure, Ecosite Bulk Fill is the new generation of bulk fill composites for all your posterior restorations. Fill up to 5mm with no capping layer needed.

Its ability to flow smoothly under pressure ensures high packability without sticking to instruments. It reliably cures in a single-layer application to the depth of 5mm while providing unmatched handling, polishability and superb adaptation. It also provides protection by releasing fluoride.

Ecosite Bulk Fill is available in convenient dispensing syringes and safetips (compules).

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Light, Universal, Contrast