GC America G-aenial Flo-X ‘A1′ 3.8g’ 2ml Syringe #008317


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GC America G-aenial Flo-X ‘A1′ 3.8g’ 2ml Syringe #008317

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G-ænial™ Flo X
Light-Cured Radiopaque Flowable Composite
G-ænial Flo X is a low-viscosity flowable composite which is perfect for all your posterior restorations! It has been designed to ensure excellent sealing and adaptation to cavity walls to effectively avoid porosities, preserve marginal integrity, reach even the most narrow and difficult to access cavities, and offer a minimally invasive treatment of caries to the patient. It offers a great balance between strength and viscosity in a flowable, with very high wear-resistance. This product features a higher radiopacity, even at low thickness, to ensure perfect x-ray visibility and easy diagnostic of secondary caries for the dentist. It is mainly indicated as a liner or base, but may also be used for filling undercuts, tunnel restorations, fissure sealing, and Class V restorations.