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GC America G2-BOND Bottle KIT #013646

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G2-BOND Universal
The New Standard of 2-Bottle Universal Bonding

GC is broadening its adhesive portfolio with G2-BOND Universal, its first all-around universal 2-bottle adhesive.
G2-BOND Universal is leading the way to a new standard in adhesive dentistry with GC’s proprietary Dual H-Technology, giving clinicians what they would expect from existing self-etch and etch-and-rinse gold standard products.

The Dual H-Technology of G2-BOND Universal enables the advanced optimization of bonding both to tooth and composite by the smooth transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic characteristics. The hydrophobic bond layer with HEMA-free composition lowers the occurrence of water sorption which decreases the risk of degradation and leads to excellent durability.

G2-BOND Universal offers outstanding marginal quality with its strong bond layer that avoid gap formation and microleakage which leads to remarkable sealing effectiveness with virtually no post-op sensitivity.

G2-BOND Universal offers an all-around performance of a HEMA-free unique composition of functional monomers (4-MET, MDP, MDTP) for durable adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

G2-BOND Universal offers controlled dispensing with its modern, intelligent and ergonomic bottle cover design by eliminating waste and therefore saving cost.

G2-BOND Universal offers a new 2-bottle bonding standard in all etching modes that leads to

• Long-lasting restorations
• Virtually no post-operative sensitivity and outstanding marginal quality
• Superb handling and dispensing