ImagineAir 3X Turbo


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ImagineAir 3X Turbo
1184 sqft.

Area of the room: 1184 sqft.
Degree of Decontamination: 99.9%
Wi-Fi: optional
Source UV-C radiation: ozone free bacterial lamp
Number of germicide lamps: 3
Effective lamp life: 9000 hours
Radiation wavelength: 253. nm.
Air flow capacity: 13420 ft3/min
Power UV-C radiation: 54W
Programmable timer: yes
Lamp operability indicators: 3 indicators
Electrical connection: Ac Power Cord 3ft
Option exploitation: wall-mounted
Stand base: optional
Consumed power: 220W
AC Input Power: 110V
Body material: metal
Weight: 7.0 kg
Dimensions: 126X127X1214 mm