Kulzer Venus Bulk Flow ONE PLT 2x10x0,2G #66094724


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Kulzer Venus Bulk Flow ONE PLT 2x10x0,2G #66094724

The fluid Bulk Fill composite adapts to any tooth shade (from A1 to D4). Thanks to its properties, it flows well into the walls of the cavity during application. Universal color cures up to 4mm layer thickness with low shrink tension. A universal composite top layer is not necessary.
Product Features :

  • Restorations become invisible by blending into the surrounding dentition due to the shade-matching properties of the composite.
  • Efficient handling: Cavities are quickly and easily filled in increments of up to 4mm without the need for an additional cover layer.
  • Durable restorations: Low shrinkage stress, high flexural strength and wear resistance ensure durable restorations that withstand high chewing load in the posterior region.