Dentsply Calibra, Ceram (1X45G) Translucent #607194 Automix Syringe


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Dentsply Calibra, Ceram (1X45G) Translucent #607194 Automix Syringe

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Calibra Ceram cement offers easy excess cement cleanup and maximum strength for when you need it most. This is the perfect cement for all-ceramics and CAD/CAM restorations, and any clinical case that demands maximum strength. The wide tack cure window of up to 10 seconds and extended 45-second gel phase allows you the time you need for a thorough and effective cleanup*.

When combined with Prime&Bond Elect adhesive, Calibra Ceram cement provides a balance of superior strength and ease of use. Get immediate and long-term bonds you can rely on with no need for a self-cure activator, and no mixing of primers. Simple, strong and successful for your restoration needs.

Calibra Ceram Dual Cure AutoMix Syringe Refill Package
1 Automix Syringe (4.5g), 10 Mixing Tips

607194 Translucent Shade