GC America G-aenial Universal ‘B1′ Injectable 1.7g’ Syringe #012369


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GC America G-aenial Universal ‘B1′ Injectable 1.7g’ Syringe #012369

AcmeDent Product Sku: ‘CO4504’]

G-ænial Universal Injectable
High-strength restorative composite

G-ænial Universal Injectable is a universal restorative composite displaying exceptional strength & resistance for long-lasting aesthetic restorations.

Featuring a high load of ultra-fine Barium particles and GC’s Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) technology, G-ænial Universal Injectable is incredibly strong – even stronger than leading paste composites on the market.

Thanks to these amazing properties, G-ænial Universal Injectable is indicated for all cavity classes without covering layer. It also features a high radiopacity of 252% – ideal to follow up your restorations and to easily detect any secondary caries. Its unique highly thixotropic viscosity adapts to any clinical situation: the material does not slump during placement, but can flow when moved around with an instrument. It also does not stick to the tip, which eases the application.

G-ænial Universal Injectable features dispensing tips with a long needle that can be curved simply by applying a light pressure with your fingers. This will give you access to any difficult posterior cavity!

On top of all this, G-ænial Universal Injectable offers an unsurpassed polishability and gloss retention and comes in 16 shades in three translucency levels – making it an excellent choice for long-term aesthetics.

Contains: Quantity of 2 syringes (1.7 g; 1.0 mL each), 10 standard size dispensing needles and 10 long size dispensing needles.