SABLE #2200105 EZ LUBE Dropper 2oz


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SABLE #2200105 EZ LUBE Dropper 2oz

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Sable EZ Lube Spray, Dropper & Refill Lubricant Cleans and maintains as it lubricates! Clinically tested and top of its class, Sable’s EZ Lube consists of aerospace synthetic formula, is food grade safe, designed for all your high and slow speed handpieces, and will not break down during sterilization procedures. During rigorous independent testing against major competing brands for bearing scar size, Sable EZ Lube ranked up to 250% better than the rest. EZ Lube is available in three formats; 500 ml spray cans, 60 ml dropper bottles featuring a needle tip applicator, and 500 ml refill bottles which can be used as refills for your standalone automated cleaning and purging devices